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    The PMT02 is our first planar-magnetic transducer that uses an innovative high-tech diaphragm material called Kaladex from Dupont. The material, combined with a new proprietary technology for etching the aluminum/Kaladex laminate, makes it possible to overcome the usual limitations of previous generation planar-magnetic designs.

  Traditionally most planar drivers were built using a Mylar diaphragm but Kaladex has a much higher thermal limit, lower mass, better durability and mechanical stability. As a result, the PMT02 has both higher sensitivity and power handling as well as excellent sound quality. The careful design and unique assembly technology employed by the PMT02 allow for more extended high frequency output, less distortion and higher dynamic range than few other planar drivers of similar size.


The specification of PMT02 as the following,

1. Effective Frequency Range:200-20Khz

2. Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m): 92dB  (Peak, 100dB)

3. Impedance: 4 ohm

4. Power Handling: 50W (Peak, 150W)

5. Dimensions: 88mm (W) x 198mm (L) x 8mm (D)

5. Weight: 470g (88mm*198mm)


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